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When I was encouraging the magic snow in my last post, little did I know that two months on we'd be living in Narnia. Winter, begone!

Ah yes, two months. I was all ready to post in February, but my laptop was not. It became mine when a friend's company was throwing it away, and has lasted me four years, which is a valiant stint for a retiree. Unfortunately time and the march of technology has taken its toll, and my poor, overworked laptop has given its final creak.

So I have a new laptop. It's red! I click on links, and they don't take half an hour to load! It can run two programs simultaneously! It functions on battery (I use it for an hour in the day when our solar panels are on and then get four hours of battery to see me through the evening. We so eco-friendly!).

On the downside, it has Windows 8. Windows 8 and I are unmixy things. It's like an eager puppy, helpfully bringing me things that I don't want all the time, and hiding things I do want, and chewing through my broadband like there's no tomorrow. Having changed all the settings I can, and set my internet connection to metered, I feel like my puppy is at least getting somewhere near house-trained. But laptop, you are supposed to be a machine! I'm supposed to be in charge. I don't want a helpful search function that locates the things I want. I want to know where they are! I like the nooks and crannies to be under my jurisdiction. Grrrr arrrrgh.

Hee! We will learn to love each other. (Oh no! Already I am settling for equals).

In other news, my Buffy rewatch is bringing me boundless joy. I invariably start at Season 4 (I know I will laugh a lot, but not get my heart broken) and then spread out in both directions. It's a show that never does grow old, but I'm reminded that time has passed by the following:

  • Time has not been kind to the CGI, which, to be fair, was not exactly bar-setting in the first place. Fortunately it is not a show that ever needed to lean on its special effects.

  • I am far more drawn to Giles than I ever remember being before (Ha! It's me that's dated).

  • I had forgotten that for a brief period round about the turn of the millennium, it was possible to go into ordinary shops and buy headscarves and cowboy hats as legitimate fashion accessories. But Season 4 Buffy, no-one else is doing it!

  • There is definitely a drinking game involved each time some kind of outdated or obsolete technology is mentioned. Although I've just watched I Robot, you Jane, and you'd be out cold. Incidentally, one of the things I always loved about BtVS was it resisted mobile phones for as long as it could. There is a moment in Sleeper with Spike and a cellphone that holds an ever-fixèd place in my heart, but it occurs to me that for the most part it's a far more interesting show without.

Did you know the story of Season 5 is told through Buffy's fashion choices? She starts off all exposed, and then goes through an experimental, jarring phase (this), there is that bright optimism that becomes a great, raw wound-red in The Body, and then there are the clothes of comfort, and cut-off-ness, all woolly and protected, and by the final few episodes it is very serious, focused, battle-ready monochrome.

Or, you know, the year goes through its regular season changes and her clothes reflect that. Hee! Take your pick.

Today I am wearing a top I bought many years ago in a charity shop, that falls into the category of clothes I would not have bought had they not reminded me of Buffy episodes. Which brings me to today's Fandom Nostalgia Trip - it's a fun game called "Guess the episode that made me buy these clothes":

1. These two both feature in the same episode, worn by different (but not unconnected) characters:

(My bathroom mirror is lovely, all dim lighting and clouded surface. It's much more flattering than the reality. Although, weird perspective has given me a withered arm.)

2. You will never get this one, since I am essentially dressed as a Bringer, with added eyes. But I bought this top once upon a time because it reminded me of another zip-up, hooded black top that like this one had ribbed sleeves with a contrasting body. And an iconic kiss. ;)

3. I couldn't resist this top when I found it in a sale, although I'm missing the all-important accessory Buffy has with her for most of this episode.

(This photo was taken at work, years back. I seem to have a tan, and sun-bleached hair. Apparently, we used to have a season called summer! It's but a dim memory.)

Answers are below. :)

I am going to go and do useful things now, but will be back before too long, apocalypses notwithstanding.

1. noʎ ɥʇɐǝuǝq
2. ɐsɐɹ ɐןnqɐʇ
3. ǝʌoן ɹoɟ ןooɟ

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