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Once More With Anna
Happy Birthday Buffy! I am both moved and slightly terrified that it’s been twenty years. (Although, the first episode I remember seeing is Inca Mummy Girl, which apparently made it to BBC2 on May 5th, 1999, so my Buffy love is still a teenager.)

The nostalgia-fest brought on by yesterday’s Buffyversary has been wonderful, and poignant. Heaven knows, Buffy's courage and heart are needed as much as they ever have been.

What to say? This, maybe.Collapse )

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Glad 20 could stop by or Serenade me
The skirt I am wearing today is a lovely one that I bought in a sale years back, several sizes too big, and adjusted with elastic to make it fit. The problem with elastic is that it can give way without warning. Sometimes when you are walking to work. Ha! I've been styling it like a teenage boy all day, and all I can say is, thank goodness for hips. They have saved me from still worse. ;)

Apparently yesterday was the hottest for seven years. Having done our youth club homeless sleepout over the coldest Easter weekend on record a few months back (-5°C), I am not going to complain about warmth. But I'm doing a sponsored walk along Hadrian’s Wall this Saturday, and it's 26 miles, some of it uphill. If the heatwaves/storms could kindly move on by the weekend, I'd be much obliged.

In an effort to do some training, this weekend I walked into Winchester and back, meaning to buy a sunhat. I lose all self control in charity shops, and instead of headwear came home with something far more exciting. A crème brûlée iron! I had no idea there was such a thing. I am never sure that I am the sort of person who should be let loose with a blowtorch, and my grill is rubbish, so until now crème brûlée was something of a distant dream. Hee! When I'm burnt to a crisp myself this weekend, and collapsing from heat exhaustion, it will be a great comfort to know I have the means to caramelise the top of a dessert.

Since I last posted I have started a new job, which I'm enjoying. My office is next door to somebody fairly well known in his field (his initials are TBL, which might mean something if you've heard of a thing called...I don't know, the internet?), although I'm not sure he's ever actually there.

I meant to post on the great Buffy-versary back in May, but at the very last minute a friend got tickets to The Pajama Game, and by the time I made it back it was past bedtime. I loved reading everyone else's thoughts, and will post my Buffy bit another day. The Pajama Game, incidentally, was a delight, and featured Hadley Fraser whom eurydice72, i_digress_uk and I talent-spotted back in 2004. He can also claim the vocal/moustache highlight of the Les Miserables film.

The Veronica Mars kickstarter experience is all so much fun, even though I can't promise that I will love the film unreservedly. Enough time has passed that I can let the Book of Canon be opened without worrying overmuch about it. Another precious glimpse of what once made a wonderful show is a treat worth having, and if it's a good glimpse with more than a smattering of Veronica and Logan, then that's a bonus. There are three things lacking from the trailer though: where's my red, green and Back-up?

If I go on any longer the cut-tag police will be after me, so I'll stop there, but I shall be back before long and will let you know how Saturday goes. And I can't go without squeezing in the best of birthday wishes to a dear and lovely LJ friend, cal_turner. xxx

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Glad 15 could stop by or Serenade me
Ten years ago I posted my first LJ entry, on an evening not unlike this one. Little did I know then that LJ would be the gateway to all sorts of exciting things: new friends; new fandoms; an ever-reliable source for recommendations and reviews (books, TV, music, food) and wonderful snippets of lives lived all over the world. LJ has slowed down to a sleepier pace since, making it easier to pop in and out as time allows. I'm glad of that, and so glad that friends old and new can still be found here. Some of you I miss *this* much (it's a bigger this than it looks) and hope that you are happily up to fabulous things.

My LJ faults are plentiful. I am a slow replier-to of comments, a sporadic poster at best, and far too often my replies to posts never make it into actual words. (I am reading! I smile, and nod.) I also begin all sorts of posts in a frenzy of fannish excitement and they sit, half-finished, in my files for years.

Here's something I meant to post this Christmas:

The Hunger GamesCollapse )

Anyway, enough! I will be back next week, for that other anniversary.
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It's May! Posting monthly seems to have turned into posting in months beginning with M. Let me distract you with pretty pictures.

KnittingCollapse )

It is that time! I don the hat of reminiscing, and bring you Part 3 of my Fandom Nostalgia TripCollapse )

You should be slightly afraid. I recently found a helpful list (#10) I'd made I thought was lost forever. Next time, the Bar Graph of Spike's Clothing Choices! Or, you know, not.

Anyway. Time creeps on a-pace. I must away, but I shall be back in Movember, if not before. ;)

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Glad 11 could stop by or Serenade me
When I was encouraging the magic snow in my last post, little did I know that two months on we'd be living in Narnia. Winter, begone!

Ah yes, two months. I was all ready to post in February, but my laptop was not. It became mine when a friend's company was throwing it away, and has lasted me four years, which is a valiant stint for a retiree. Unfortunately time and the march of technology has taken its toll, and my poor, overworked laptop has given its final creak.

So I have a new laptop. It's red! I click on links, and they don't take half an hour to load! It can run two programs simultaneously! It functions on battery (I use it for an hour in the day when our solar panels are on and then get four hours of battery to see me through the evening. We so eco-friendly!).

On the downside, it has Windows 8. Windows 8 and I are unmixy things. It's like an eager puppy, helpfully bringing me things that I don't want all the time, and hiding things I do want, and chewing through my broadband like there's no tomorrow. Having changed all the settings I can, and set my internet connection to metered, I feel like my puppy is at least getting somewhere near house-trained. But laptop, you are supposed to be a machine! I'm supposed to be in charge. I don't want a helpful search function that locates the things I want. I want to know where they are! I like the nooks and crannies to be under my jurisdiction. Grrrr arrrrgh.

Hee! We will learn to love each other. (Oh no! Already I am settling for equals).

In other news, my Buffy rewatchCollapse )

Fashion & FandomCollapse )

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Glad 17 could stop by or Serenade me
January has almost got away from me, which means my chances to give this icon its annual airing are fast running out. Hee! Of course, today is all spring sparkle and there is not a sniff of snow in sight (ow! That makes the logic section of my brain hurt) but it was lovely while it lasted.

SnowdogCollapse )

I have another reason for posting. This year my journal is ten, which means it will be ten years since the end of Buffy, which makes me come over all wallowy. If it's all I can manage, I am determined to post once a month. Let the reminiscing begin!

For the first instalment of my personal fandom nostalgiafest, I bring you something I came across the other day. I'd taken photos of my room at university and this is what I was greeted with every time I opened my wardrobe door, circa 1999:

Be still my heartCollapse )

Hee! Evidence that there was life BSB (before Something Blue). Who knew?
Glad 11 could stop by or Serenade me
As February has kindly supplied a whole extra day, I am determined to post something.

There is always a day in February when the sun shines and the world begins again. But I'll show, not tell:

Oh I do like to be beside the seasideCollapse )

Thank you to angearia and pamsblau for the lovely Valentines hearts!

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Glad 17 could stop by or Serenade me
SherlockCollapse )

This reminds me: On the whole, I like Caitlin Moran's writing immensely - her TV reviews are funny and unabashedly fannish, and her columns are warm and wise. I'd been a wee bit wary of her book, How to be a woman, having heard it described on – I want to say Newsnight Review, but that can't be right – as a bit share-y. Newsnight Review or not, I think I must be paraphrasing. Anyway! I can't agree with every single thing she writes, and now and again it feels like the motivation slips into shock-factor, but mostly it is just gloriously sensible and I nodded like the Churchill dog all the way through.

Since its cast list is essentially a convention of my TV crushes, I had been daydreaming The Hobbit into the prettiest film ever. Links to the trailer popped up all over my friends list, and I clicked in a flutter of anticipation. I had sort of forgotten that they would all be hobbits and dwarves and animated dragons. ;) /shallow.

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SherlockCollapse )

I had a day off today and two hours of the house all to myself, which I meant to spend productively. But elisi posted a picture that made me seek out my S5 videos (VHS, you still have my heart) and watch Checkpoint and Blood TiesCollapse )

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Glad 18 could stop by or Serenade me
Happy New Year, one and all! In 2012 I am resolved to post more, which, looking at my record of posting in 2011, I believe I've already achieved. YAY!

SherlockCollapse )

Now I am off to my grandparents', so I will adjourn. Hello, brevity!

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Glad 21 could stop by or Serenade me
I happen to own the world's least flattering pair of grey tracksuit bottoms, and on chilly, dark evenings when I know I am done going out for the day, I retreat into them like a toad slinking into hibernation. Today was bright and warm and beautiful, but here I am, grey-legged and toad-like. Autumn's in the ai-ir, as we used to sing at school.

avrelia, thank you so much for the puppy! I hope your birthday was wonderful.

I had a crazy, busy summer that I will come back to at some point, and pretty pictures a-plenty, Wales and Cambridge and Bath, which I shall save for a rainy day. In plants news, the chard was ravaged by slugs, went without water for a month and then without sun for another, and (as you all reassured me) is doing absolutely fine and has yielded me a whole summer's worth of rainbow-stemmed salad. My pepper harvest is also looking hopeful at this point, so much so that I dare to commit as much to print even with frost poking its fingers round the corner.

I can't explain what it is about birds of prey, but they mesmerise me. I think it's larks that collectively are an exaltation, but the sweeping of kites, the swooping of falcons, the soaring of eagles, the circling of vultures – I make these nothing short of an exultation. My birthday outing this year was to the Hawk Conservancy which was very much like having a fairy godmother and a genie. I spent my day as wide-eyed and spellbound as any of the children there. (Not-very-eagle-eyed small boy near me, watching vultures ripping chicks apart: "These vultures eat grass, not people!")

Vultures and eagles and owls, oh my!Collapse )

To finish: I love – have always loved – rockpooling. Browsing through my friendslist lately has been a little bit like a spuffy rockpooling excursion. Every now and again I come across a reference to a pincered beast that might be lurking in the shadows, or something sharp underfoot, but it barely registers because all around is a sleeping world come to life, glinting, gleaming, glittering with unexpected treasures. There are posts big and small that make my spuffy heart sing, and it is deeply, delightfully good to sit and bask in our ship again. Now I am mixing my seaside metaphors, and why not? :)
Glad 11 could stop by or Serenade me
I am trying to muster up some disappointment about the football.

The Big BangCollapse )

So much on just now, but I'll be back!

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Glad 21 could stop by or Serenade me
Yesterday morning I woke up to my radio playing The Jean Genie, which made me feel slightly like I was having an Alex moment and had woken up in Ashes to Ashes. In a lot of ways, I'm still there.

As I've said once before, this comes with a lack of restraint warning. :)

Ashes to Ashes 3.08Collapse )

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Glad 20 could stop by or Serenade me
I've forgotten where, but recently I came across a vintage grammar guide that lamented the "modern trend for confusing 'love' with 'like'. I love my mother; I like strawberries. One cannot feel love for strawberries."

I can't help thinking that my entire journal is one long counter-example. :)

Ashes to AshesCollapse )

This week's Doctor WhoCollapse )

Battlestar Galactica: the final seasonCollapse )

On that note, I have to go, but not before wishing a very happy (if slightly belated) birthday to dear wisteria_! And the best of birthday wishes to treacle_a.

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Glad 16 could stop by or Serenade me
It was my LJ's birthday today. It's seven. Seven! And for those of you I have known all that time, it has been a joy.

I am pleased to report that the chard is looking happier, but I fear the cosmos is dying. Not the cosmos, as such. ;)

I've not seen this weekend's Doctor Who yet, which is probably just as well, because I still have Ashes to Ashes on a loop. This gets a bit shippy. Bear with me. :)

Sometimes in life you can't help which way you fallCollapse )

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Glad 11 could stop by or Serenade me
Last night I dreamt that Gordon Brown came round and we ate marshmallows. I mention this just to reassure you that there is serious political content in my subconscious. It's not all fangirling you know.

Doctor Who, 5 & 6Collapse )

I have almost nothing to say about Ashes to AshesCollapse )

A month or so back we found a wood about half an hour's walk from my house, carpeted in green shoots that led us to go back last weekend, for this reason:

BluebellsCollapse )

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Glad 13 could stop by or Serenade me
I think I have drowned my chard. Although a kindly webpage is helpfully informing me it's "very hardy", which surely is plantspeak for "even you can't kill this." I hope so, anyway, because I confess that the Droop of Dehydration and the Stoop of Saturation look the same to me.

Doctor Who, 3 & 4Collapse )

When I snaffled this icon of _jems_' once upon a time I never thought I would have an opportunity to use it, but it sums up my reaction to last Friday's Ashes to AshesCollapse )

We have now reached the picspam portion of this post.

DurhamCollapse )
KnittingCollapse )
MudCollapse )

I have to go and sleep, but love to you all. xxxx

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Glad 9 could stop by or Serenade me
The day was beautiful and the way was beautiful. Ha! You have to have a certain kind of misspent youth to know where that comes from. But Spring! I'm writing this in one of those rare moments where the sunlight hits my bedroom wall, watching a bumblebee meandering through the blossom. A blue-tit is feasting on the fat ball that hangs from my window, all fluffy and yellow in the evening sunshine.

I have become an anxious plant mother, hurrying home from work each day to check on the progress of my seedlings. I am not a hundred per cent sure that some of them aren't in fact weedlings, but really, anything green and shoot-like is in.

My two shows are back, back-to-back, which is like, a starter and dessert. Or olives and a cheese course, with superior crackers.

Ashes to AshesCollapse )

Doctor WhoCollapse )

Last week I went to see the spring flowers in Cambridge, which were everything they should be, and on the way home went to see Wicked, which I adored. At last, a musical where the girls have all the best songs! Louise Dearman, who I loved in Guys and Dolls, was a gleaming, glimmering, glorious Glinda, and Rachel Tucker, who I didn't warm to in I'd Do Anything was sensational as Elphaba. She powers right through all those great big lines not just with strength but with a wonderful richness, and she is a mesmerising, effervescent stage presence, and she won me over completely.

Eleven-style, I am finishing this an age after I began. I have to run, as I am leaving for Durham in half an hour, but just wanted to squeeze in a late but nonetheless resounding Happy Birthday to mistakency! The peppers have grown new leaves in your honour. And Happy Birthdays to dear poshcat and moscow_watcher tomorrow!

I must run! I'll be back in "five minutes". :)

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It's not everybody's friend, but I love snow. By now I am starting to get the hang of walking on ice, and I like how alive a nip in the air makes you feel, and there is something good for the soul about walking through a magical world. I could get used to living in a Christmas card.

I am forever trying not to make my horizons wonky, but my fingers were numb. In the middle of this ten-minute photo shoot I had to pop home and put my camera batteries on the boiler to get it working again.

SnowCollapse )

I did watch both Whos on New Year's Day, and had lots to say at the time. Then I beat my thumping heart into submission making a cake (almond and orange blossom) and was left chuckling instead.

The End of TimeCollapse )

I am torn between catching up on yesterday's Being Human or watching the second episode of Glee. Exquisite werewolf angst or song-based silliness? It is too hard.

And here's a guilty pleasure: Jamie Cullum's Don't Stop the Music.

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Glad 6 could stop by or Serenade me
It's only taken me five years, but I am there at last! My Buffy/Rainbow story is finished! Hip, and might I add, hooray.

Catch up: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3

Spike has saved Buffy, but at what cost? Will the truth be revealed? At this point, will anyone care?

Hee, I will. :)

Over the Rainbow, Part 4Collapse )


And a very happy 2010 to you all!

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