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The skirt I am wearing today is a lovely one that I bought in a sale years back, several sizes too big, and adjusted with elastic to make it fit. The problem with elastic is that it can give way without warning. Sometimes when you are walking to work. Ha! I've been styling it like a teenage boy all day, and all I can say is, thank goodness for hips. They have saved me from still worse. ;)

Apparently yesterday was the hottest for seven years. Having done our youth club homeless sleepout over the coldest Easter weekend on record a few months back (-5°C), I am not going to complain about warmth. But I'm doing a sponsored walk along Hadrian’s Wall this Saturday, and it's 26 miles, some of it uphill. If the heatwaves/storms could kindly move on by the weekend, I'd be much obliged.

In an effort to do some training, this weekend I walked into Winchester and back, meaning to buy a sunhat. I lose all self control in charity shops, and instead of headwear came home with something far more exciting. A crème brûlée iron! I had no idea there was such a thing. I am never sure that I am the sort of person who should be let loose with a blowtorch, and my grill is rubbish, so until now crème brûlée was something of a distant dream. Hee! When I'm burnt to a crisp myself this weekend, and collapsing from heat exhaustion, it will be a great comfort to know I have the means to caramelise the top of a dessert.

Since I last posted I have started a new job, which I'm enjoying. My office is next door to somebody fairly well known in his field (his initials are TBL, which might mean something if you've heard of a thing called...I don't know, the internet?), although I'm not sure he's ever actually there.

I meant to post on the great Buffy-versary back in May, but at the very last minute a friend got tickets to The Pajama Game, and by the time I made it back it was past bedtime. I loved reading everyone else's thoughts, and will post my Buffy bit another day. The Pajama Game, incidentally, was a delight, and featured Hadley Fraser whom eurydice72, i_digress_uk and I talent-spotted back in 2004. He can also claim the vocal/moustache highlight of the Les Miserables film.

The Veronica Mars kickstarter experience is all so much fun, even though I can't promise that I will love the film unreservedly. Enough time has passed that I can let the Book of Canon be opened without worrying overmuch about it. Another precious glimpse of what once made a wonderful show is a treat worth having, and if it's a good glimpse with more than a smattering of Veronica and Logan, then that's a bonus. There are three things lacking from the trailer though: where's my red, green and Back-up?

If I go on any longer the cut-tag police will be after me, so I'll stop there, but I shall be back before long and will let you know how Saturday goes. And I can't go without squeezing in the best of birthday wishes to a dear and lovely LJ friend, caliente_uk. xxx
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