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It's May! Posting monthly seems to have turned into posting in months beginning with M. Let me distract you with pretty pictures.

Knitting I love, but sewing up seams I abhor. Once upon a time wisteria_ recommended this gloves pattern, which is worked in the round and is virtually seamless, yay!

Bootees, also knitted all in one piece, hurrah! (Alright, two).

Tea cosy

Cardigan fore:

and aft:

Not knitting, but the cardigan reminds me that I made this for my new niece last year (I remembered why I don't cross-stitch. The hours and hours of unpicking! But rereading Jane Hissey books and resnuggling Jolly Tall were pluses):

It is that time! I don the hat of reminiscing, and bring you Part 3 of my Fandom Nostalgia Trip.

The first fandom home where I was properly comfy, a place of warm pockets, unashamedly upbeat chatter and dear, wonderful friends, was the Crumbling Walls forum. In our spoiler thread we grabbed every tidbit thrown our way, polished it up to a nice, spuffy gleam, and basked optimistically in the glow. In the later days of Season 6 things reached a kind of fever pitch: we were all still in bits after the AR, and Spike was out on a mysterious quest that seemed to be torturing us more than it did him.

And then finally, word was out! He was going to...dn dn drrrrrrr...get his soul back.

We all had a moment of, no! Because as paths to redemption go, a quick battle with beetles really had nothing on the rock-ridden road Spike had already walked. He had faced the monster inside, and fought back - for what? The words of Tabula Rasa's Buffy loomed ominously over us. A vampire with a soul? Oh my god, how lame is that?

It was just a tiny moment, because then the shiny side of the coin swung into view. It meant that Season 7 came with a cast-iron guarantee: they were investing in the Spike/Buffy relationship. Exactly how, and when, and where, didn't matter at that point (later, it did. And how), but hope had dawned, all bright and beacony.

In all the ups and downs of spoilerdom, the mad joy of that day is a moment that stays with me, giddily, gleefully, glompingly.

(With hindsight, I can see that in TV terms at least, the Spike/Buffy relationship couldn't get past the AR without some kind of physical, permanent, rubber-stamped change. And the soul holds a symbolic weight for Buffy, the key that unlocks one more door in their story. Mostly though, the soul works because of the Venn Diagram of Comparative Vampire Soul-i-tude.

In his souled state Angel is rarely held up as the perpetrator of his unsouled crimes. Killing Buffy's friends? Some other dude with matching hair/forehead. But Spike pre-soul is capable of good in deed and thought, sometimes without ackowledgment, and without reward. And he kills post-soul. It's telling, especially, that Wood in LMPTM is spared by a part of Spike that is pre-soul, and even pre-Buffy.)

You should be slightly afraid. I recently found a helpful list (#10) I'd made I thought was lost forever. Next time, the Bar Graph of Spike's Clothing Choices! Or, you know, not.

Anyway. Time creeps on a-pace. I must away, but I shall be back in Movember, if not before. ;)
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